I'm hoping this blog helps us not only support one another in our crazy attempts to defy the aging process, but serves as a way to really connect with each other. We are all in so many different places; both literally and figuratively. My hope is that those things become irrelevant as we discuss our hopes, dreams, set backs and progresses not just with our training, but with life, husbands (both x and future), boyfriends, children, school and work. We are a wonderful, powerful group of women and we need each other. At least I know I need all of you. Just think of all we can accomplish together! I'm so excited!

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now get to work

Sunday, January 24, 2010

My new house!! hopefully!!

I didn't want to post it on my blog in case our loan doesn't go through, but here is our house that we can move into on Feb 26th! I will try and get more pictures, but here are a few.

Here is the house from the front obviously. The street has a middle island that goes all the way down the street of grass and trees. You are not allowed to have any type of cactus in the neighborhood! All the streets are tree lined with grassy meadow areas, and white picket fences. doesn't quite seem like Arizona!
This is the view from our front door. Where the carpet is, is where the living and dining room are, and then to the immediate right is a bedroom and bathroom. The left is our laundry room...
another view of the dining and living room and part of the kitchen
Here is the kitchen from the family room
This is the family room from the kitchen. Where Brook is, that is where the two other bedrooms are and a bathroom. Im pretty sure we could fit our entire house into this one room.
This is the master bathroom from the walk in closet. Pretty much the same as the one I have right now.... maybe a little smaller....
So we are keeping our fingers crossed that everything goes through. Brook and Kyle (tanner's sis and bro law) just signed papers right behind us so maybe we won't be the only couple in the neighborhood without kids!

p.s. do you think my power will go out every time I blow dry my hair while my airconditioning is going?? or if the heater and the microwave are going at the same time?? I DON'T THINK SO! and look at all those plugs! I won't have to interchange my toaster with my computer/crockpot/microwave oven/phone charger/electric skillet/portable heater/airconditioning unit ever again! (yes I use ONE socket for all those things because all the other ones are burnt out! haha)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

these are in backwards order.

driveway to road more driveway

gate into garden area off of left side of driveway

garden area

garden tool shed

driveway with garden area and tool shed

part of front yard

driveway and part of front yard

part of front yard with basketball court

one side of house with more parking

front yard with circle driveway

side of yard with tree swing

fire pit with wood shed

larger back deck

views from deck

upstairs living room

back door to deck from upstairs living room

upstairs mud room/laundry room;. also has door to deck

master bedroom deck

one downstairs bedroom

window seat......and a big pregnant belly!

another bedroom

downstairs family room

downstairs family room with firplaces

downstairs family room


treehouse and dog pen

resident deer

other side of house

front of house

a lot of these windows that have window seats in a lot of the bedrooms

master bedroom

upstairs entry

through the other door entry by the garage

garage and left front door

the predicament of two front doors

front of house

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